Hard work and hospitality - it's been a way of life for me for over three decades.  From sweeping floors, to mowing the grass at the warehouse, to later unloading trucks on weekends and full time during the summer months - I've been involved in hospitality in one way or another most of my life.
The small family business we had, that started as Moving and Storage company, evolved into a nationally recognized FF&E Logistics and Installation company  working on both domestic and international projects.  That experience eventually led me into furthering my career along the way with the guidance of many experts and industry leaders in this industry.  The "art" of deciphering many different styles of specification writing, logistics/installation guidelines and learning to foresee possible stumbling blocks has been an on-going learning experience over the years.  My experience at the Atlantis Casino & Resort after graduating college was invaluable.  The responsibilities of dealing with Customs, Container delivery/accuracy, Punch-List supervision and weekly reporting to all parties involved on the project brought my hospitality experience to yet another new level. 
For the next 15 years, Logistics was my specialty.  Timelines obviously were the ultimate goal - but business development was also under my care.  This is where I felt I had "found" my place in this ever changing industry.  As it turns out, connecting and networking we like second nature to me.  Having lived in South Florida all those years, I was ready for a challenge and a change.  In 2008 I moved to Las Vegas and opened a branch office for a prominent FFE Installation/Logistics company.  We exceeded all goals set for this branch and experienced great success for six years.  Although still a logistics expert, I was looking for more.

In 2014 an opportunity was presented to me by one of our industry's well known leaders.  California would become my new home and I would soon learn the ropes of Sales Representation from one of the best.  Having been literally on the receiving end of all these hospitality goods over the years - I now needed to become "the expert" in my field.  With much guidance and by building solid relationships with the interior design and purchasing communities both in Los Angeles and Las Vegas - I was soon well on my way to success in this field. 
And here we are in 2019 - having never shied away from a hard day's work - you will find me available nearly 24/7.  I am fortunate to be representing two well known and well respected companies that allow me to be a full-service, goal oriented Sales Rep.  I couldn't be more thankful to all of those who have helped me along the way - and look forward to building more relationships in the years to come.